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Branding & design system for champion of Irish film, animation and games

Galway Film Centre has been a hub of creativity on the West coast since its inception in 1989. Over the years the organisation changed. Its remit grew wider, not just film but TV, animation and games.

We talked to key stakeholders and clients of the Galway Film Centre, we established that they were no longer purely Galway or Film focused and they weren’t a traditional centre either. The name was no longer fit for purpose.

A series of workshops with our client gave us a great picture of what their brand should be. They clarified their vision, their future plans and challenges.

They would be called Ardán – the Irish word for ‘platform’. It encapsulates what the Galway film Centre has become. They are a platform for Film, TV, Games and animation on the west coast. Irish/Gaeilge is also part of the fabric of the West and especially for an organisation which began in Ireland’s bilingual city.

The tone of the Ardán brand is modern, forward-looking and adaptable. The logo is informed by this, it’s a play on the word Ardán – platform.

We designed a font to make branding future sub-brands and content easier. It’s a subtle and versatile way to cohesively brand across all elements.

Image of an Ardán poster for a screening of Back to the Future. Showing a still from the film where a horse watches the film in a cinema.
Graphic that says '‘Ardán ’ is a custom typeface. Characteristics include the angles terminals and stroke endings which echo the Ardán logo.'
Graphic that shows how sub-brands are made by deleting elements from individual letters from the Ardán typeface
Cover of the Ardán Budget Submission 2023
Tote bag with large yellow A symbol on a black cotton
Grid system that shows how social media post should be made
Homepage of the Ardán website shown in an apple ipad
Still from the film Black 47 that shows two of the main characters pointing a weapon at the screen

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