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Public art commission for the HSE

Public art commission for Linn Dara Mental Health Facility for Children and Young People. 

Our client, artist and educator Michelle Browne, was commissioned to create an art piece for a residential health unit for children/young adults. Together we designed a game where the player follows the given instructions to reveal messages and artwork as they navigate through the Linn Dara building. For example in the image above the player had to stand in a specific place to allow the dots on the window to line up with the Butterflies on the adjacent building.

Another example is playing with perspective to combine the cards with large type on the walls to reveal messages such as “Obstacles are the portals of discovery.”

This project was funded by the Per Cent for Art scheme. A government initiative, whereby 1% of the cost of any publicly funded building development can be allocated to the commissioning of a work of art. This project was made in collaboration with writers Stephen Murray and Anastasia Pappas.

Caterpillars cannot see
What they are about to be.
Could it be the same is true
For the colours inside you?
Dare to join the dots and start
To feel the wings inside your heart.
Look up to the sapphire sky,
Can you find the butterfly?

  • Heat responsive ink. The colour responsive butterfly is used as a therapy tool with younger children

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes"
Carl Jung

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